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Dentistry In Elizabethan Times, You may be “freaked out!”
Dentistry in Elizabethan times was at its disgusting best! Although the dental doctor has been there ever since the Egyptian civilization, dentistry in those times in ancient England was at its worst! The last thing you'd want to do is get an appointment from the dentist. Why? Because you might just end up fixing a date with Destiny!

These doctors were considered to be the very incarnation of devils on the earth. They had all the possible beastly tools and equipment that you can ever think of! Pliers are nothing in comparison to the pelican which are used to disband a bad tooth sideways. Not to forget, they would also keep a pair of keys fitted with claws that could jerk out teeth or the root canal itself from your mouth with just one master stroke.

You also had filling in this Shakespearean era. Oh no! They weren't ceramic of course, but they could be anything from gold leaves to molten lead! Guess they didn't have much of a choice! But then you could always go for a "cosmetic dental implant cum transplant". And how was that supposed to be? Well, you always replace yours with a very healthy set of teeth from a very healthy but poor man. And what if those teeth don't fit in??

However, when the teeth refused to fit, No problem! You could always try the other ones out!! The dentist in the times of Elizabethan wouldn't mind pulling them out, and for that matter, very often not from humans!! It could be from dogs, sheep, goats, baboons, and not to forget the very own grandfather's teeth! If you don't mind inheriting his property, why mind his teeth? What better artifact to show your grandchildren (and, if possible to pass on to them) than your own original family teeth!