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Dental Schools in Atlanta
There is a number of accredited dental school sin the city of Atlanta, the state capital of the southern state of Georgia. The aim of these dental schools is to impart dental education to deserving students and to increase the level of research and advancement in the area of dentistry.

There are a number of such institutions. The Penn foster Career School, Westwood College, Sanford-Brown Institute, Bauder College, DDS Emory University and the Georgia Medical Institute are a few examples of the dental schools in this state.

In order to get admission to any of these dental colleges, you have to take an admission examination. The test is difficult and very few aspiring students manage to clear this first step. The schools in Atlanta educate students towards either a doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a DMD (doctorate of Dental Medicine).

All of the students at the end of the course are supposed to take the National Board’s Part 1 and Part II exams. The DDS or DMD degrees are awarded only on successful passing of these exams. As a second step dentists wishing to practice in the state of Georgia require to take the state dental board exams. Only after these exams are complete can a candidate apply for a license to practice dentistry in the state of Georgia.

Another job role in which the state offers a number of job opportunities is that of Dental Assistant. A dental assistant is trained to assist a dentist in various tasks such as taking x-rays, assisting during surgical procedures, administering anesthesia and various clerical jobs. Dental assistants are provided training in the use of equipment such as oral evacuation equipment, amalgamators, dental chairs and units.

The dental schools of Atlanta design their own curriculum that is completely oriented to meet academic requirements of the students.